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Matrix welcomes all hair types. Matrix works with a network of stylists around the world to develop hyper-targeted solutions for each and every hair type-every level, underlying pigment, diameter, and pattern.

How to Repair, Treat & Fix Damaged Hair

Lower the Temperature on Your Tools

May the good lord bless and keep your curling iron, flat iron and blow dryer. They’re the magic wands that transform your ordinary or unruly hair into luscious waves and curls or voluminous, blown-out goodness. But with all that heat comes heat damage—dryness, brittleness and flyaways.

According to Matrix pros, one of the biggest mistakes people make is setting the temperature too high when styling hair with heat. Unless you have super thick or coarse hair, you’ll get the job done with a mid-range temperature-setting on your tools. And skip the heat styling altogether when possible. Check out air-dry formulas that help form and hold your hair without heat. When you do hit the heat, always use a heat protection product to shield your hair from thermal damage.

Handle Wet Hair with Care

Any hair is at its most vulnerable when it’s wet. And the potential for damage really accelerates if your wet hair is fine, curly or fragile. So handle with care. Never try to pull a brush through your wet hair, unless it’s a brush specifically designed for the task.

Most pros recommend using a wide-tooth comb to detangle. When you step out of the shower, skip vigorous rubbing. Instead, gently blot your hair with a fluffy towel, or better still, with a microfiber cloth or soft t-shirt. Doing this avoids friction that can put stress on vulnerable hair. Don’t secure your hair with an elastic band when it’s wet either—that can cause breakage.

Indulge in Rich and Healing Hair Masks

Hair masks are the special ops of conditioning. They contain high concentrations of reparative and moisturizing ingredients, like vitamins, oils and naturally-sourced elements. They’re also thicker than regular conditioners, so when you apply them to damp hair, they stay put. That gives these formulas time to penetrate more deeply into the hair surface and fill in the gaps and nicks that develop on the surface of damaged hair. Masks keep working even after you rinse them.

Find a mask that’s right for your hair type—for example, color-treated or extra coarse and unruly. Use your hair treatment mask twice a week or more, faithfully. And don’t be in a hurry—the longer you leave it on the more effective it will be.

Embrace Leave-Ins

Leave-in hair treatments and conditioners are like round-the-clock bodyguards for your hair. They serve and protect from shampoo to shampoo because you don’t rinse them out. Like most hair products, leave-ins can be matched to your hair type.

A leave in for vividly-colored hair, for example, will offer UV hair protection to prevent color from fading. A leave-in for frizzy, unruly hair will add moisture and make your hair smoother and more manageable. For best results, apply leave-ins to damp, not soaking wet, hair, and comb through with a wide-tooth comb for even distribution.

Get Professional Treatments

Sometimes a DIY regimen simply isn’t enough for extremely damaged hair. That’s when you might need to bring in the professionals. Professional, in-salon hair treatments contain the highest possible concentration of active ingredients. They target any type of hair damage—from strands that are over-processed or weak, to hair that needs a mega-infusion of moisture. Your stylist will typically apply a hair damage treatment right at the shampoo bowl, and because these formulas are so concentrated, you’ll see and feel a transformation immediately!

Seal Your Bonds

One of the reasons damage occurs when you color or lighten your hair has to do with the process of chemical services. For hair color or lighteners to work properly, they must loosen the structural bonds of your hair. Once hair bonds become compromised, your hair is more susceptible to breakage, dryness and damage.

By adding special bond-preserving formulas to your hair color and lightener, your stylist can prevent bond destruction. What’s more, these formulas also take preventive measures to inhibit future damage. Clients who receive frequent and significant hair color transformations call professional bonders “game changers” in the realm of hair health.

Trim Your Split Ends

Have you ever snagged a piece of fine fabric, only to watch as the tiny snag gradually unravels a huge portion of the garment? That’s what can happen when the ends of your hair become split. The hair will begin unraveling from the bottom up, leading to a dull, broken, frizzy mess.

To prevent split ends in the first place, keep your hair supple and strong with fortifying shampoos, conditioners and leave-in creams. To keep split ends from getting out of control, visit your hairstylist for regular trims. You don’t have to lose much length at all—your stylist can simply “dust” the ends to keep your hair healthy, strong and un-frayed.

Swim and Sun with Care

Regular laps are great for your body, but not so great for your hair. Salt water, chlorine and other pool chemicals can cause hair to become brittle and fragile—not to mention the toll they take on your hair color! If you’re a swimmer, always wear a swim cap to protect your hair. If you’re heading to the beach, protect your hair from too much sun exposure, which can be drying and cause your hair color to fade. Wear a hat! You can also go the extra mile by applying a hair mask before heading out—it will treat and protect your hair while you’re outside. After swimming or sunning, cleanse and condition your hair immediately with gentle, moisturizing formulas.

Don’t Let Your Hair Get Thirsty

Dry skin appears cracked and dull, which is why you should never skip your moisturizer. Dry hair is the number one cause of damage and hair breakage because if your hair doesn’t have the optimal level of moisture it will become brittle and fragile, just like your skin. If you’re prone to dry hair, embrace a moisturizing regimen that includes a hydrating shampoo, conditioner, mask and leave-in product. It’s the easiest way to prevent your strands from becoming parched.

Shampoo Wisely and Well

Select a sulfate-free shampoo formulated for damaged hair. Sticking with shampoos that contain natural origin ingredients will help repair your damaged hair.

Try to avoid too-frequent shampooing. If your hair and scalp need refreshing, try a dry shampoo on the second or third day. Finally, wash your hair with lukewarm or cool water, and finish the shampoo process with a shot of cool water. Cool or cold water can help damaged hair by closing the hair cuticle and causing the hair shaft to lie flat, resulting in shinier, smoother hair.

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Matrix Color Obsessed Antioxidants Shampoo [300ml]

Color Obsessed Shampoo with an antioxidant. Helps protect against fading and extends the life of your color vibrancy. Porous hair is strengthened and has total brilliant color and shine. When using system of shampoo, conditioner and lotion spray.

Matrix Color Obsessed Antioxidants Conditioner [300ml]

Color Obsessed Conditioner with an antioxidant. Helps protect against fading and helps extends the life of your color vibrancy. Porous hair is strengthened and has totally brilliant color and shine.

Matrix Styling Over Achiever 3-In-1 [50ml]

Matrix's Hair 3-in-1 Cream, Paste & Wax

Your link to a state of the art styling

Textured hair: spreads like a cream, texturizes like a paste, holds like a wax. Never tacky, never sticky, this formula is a reworkable wonder. Strong hold finishing cream Vegan How to Use

Work through damp or dry hair for desired look. Rework throughout the day.

Style Link Strong Hold Gel [200ml]

Matrix's Super Strong Hold Gel

Is your link to strong hold with no stiffness, no cruch, no flaking

This forming hair gel allows for added structure with shine. Applies clean and rinses out easily. Vegan Apply to damp hair for wet looks, on dry hair for maximum hold.

Matrix Styling Fixer Hairspray [315gm]

Flexible, Strong Hold Hairspray

Hold without crunch Creates buildable flexible hold Extremely dry and buildable for versatility High amplify flexible Hairspray..

Matrix Brass Off Mask [200ml]

Brass Off Custom Neutralization Hair Mask is a color depositing formula that neutralizes brassy tones. Highly pigmented blue-violet tones that neutralize and eliminate brassy/orange tones to maintain lightened hair.

It also helps repair and protect fragile hair.

Key Benefits:

Ultra rich formula allows targeted application Shine-enhancing ingredients help hair reflect light to give hair luster Suitable for color treated and natural hair

Matrix Insta-Cure Treatment [500ml]

Matrix Total Results Pro Solutionist Instacure.

This leave-in conditioning treatment, ideal for damaged hair types.

Formulated with nourishing and conditioning ingredients. Leave-in conditioning spray smoothes the cuticles. Hydrates the over porous strands. The locks are moisturised and treated, delivering a sumptuously soft, smooth and healthy finish.

Matrix Miracle Creator 20 Benefits Spray [200ml]

An essential hair must-have, the Hair Multi-Tasker Treatment with 20 benefits.

Leave in conditioner Nourishes Shine Booster Controls fly aways Smooths the cuticle Prevents Breakage from brushing Anti-frizz reduction Prevents split ends Reduces dryness Holds moisture Evens out porosity Corrects roughness Minimizes hair damage and breakage Thermal protectant- prevents damage from hot tools Protects Color Softens hair for quicker blow drying Shields hair against the environment Improves manageability Primes hair for styling Sleek finish

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