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Tired of dealing with oily hair that refuses to cooperate? Dive into our handpicked selection of oily hair shampoos, meticulously curated to combat excess oil and rejuvenate your locks. At Holy Grail Haircare, we bring you the best in the market, offering affordable, salon-quality solutions from trusted brands such as Jeval, Matrix, and Davroe.

Professional Shampoos for Oily Hair

We understand the challenges of dealing with oily hair and strive to provide the perfect solution. Our oily hair shampoos are carefully selected to breathe new life into your locks, offering not just effective cleansing but a transformative experience. Trust in our commitment to quality, as we present products from renowned brands like Jeval, Matrix, and Davroe.

Holy Grail Haircare believes in making top-notch solutions accessible to everyone. Our oily hair shampoos redefine what's possible by offering salon-quality excellence in the comfort of your own home.

Why Choose Our Oily Hair Shampoos?

  • Professional-Grade Excellence: Upgrade your hair care routine with our professional-grade, salon-quality shampoos. We bring you the same excellence you would find at your favourite salon but at a fraction of the price.
  • Comprehensive Range: Our collection isn't just about addressing oily hair; we understand the importance of caring for oily scalps too. Choose from a variety of shampoos that cater to both concerns, ensuring a holistic solution for your hair.
  • Vegan and Sulphate-Free Options: Embrace a clean and ethical hair care routine with our selection of vegan and sulphate-free shampoos. Gentle on your hair and the environment, these options cater to your values.

Find Tailored Hair Care for Oily Hair & Scalp

Our range goes beyond mere hair cleansing – we cater to both oily hair and scalp concerns. Find the perfect match for your specific needs, ensuring a comprehensive solution that addresses the root of the issue. Holy Grail Haircare is your go-to destination for holistic hair care, where each product is chosen with precision to deliver the best results.

Combat Oily Hair with Shampoo, Conditioner & More

Maximise the benefits of our oily hair shampoos by complimenting them with the matching conditioner. Our commitment to your hair's well-being extends to creating harmonious pairs that work seamlessly together.

For extensive oily hair care, explore our range of oily hair treatments designed to take your hair care routine to the next level. From deep-cleansing options to scalp-focused solutions and volumising treatments, our selection caters to the diverse needs of oily hair.

Transform your daily routine into a luxurious self-care experience with Holy Grail Haircare. Enjoy the rejuvenating effects of a complete hair care routine with Holy Grail Haircare.

Achieve Gorgeous, Healthy Hair

Explore Holy Grail Haircare's Oily Hair Shampoos and unlock the secret to beautiful, balanced hair. Transform the way you care for your locks with our carefully curated collection. Your journey to healthier, oil-free hair starts here.


How do I know if I have oily hair or an oily scalp?
Oily hair is often characterised by a greasy or weighed-down feeling, while an oily scalp can lead to excess sebum production. If you find your hair gets greasy quickly after washing or your scalp feels oily, our oily hair shampoos are tailored to address both concerns.

How often should I use oily hair shampoo?
The frequency of use depends on your hair type and oiliness level. For most people, using an oily hair shampoo 2-3 times a week is sufficient. Adjust based on your hair's needs and oil production.

Can using the right shampoo really help control oily hair?
Yes! Our oily hair shampoos are made by reputable, trusted and professional brands and are designed with specialised formulations to combat excess oil and provide a thorough cleanse. These shampoos help regulate oil production, leaving your hair refreshed and revitalised.

Do I need a matching conditioner with my oily hair shampoo?
Yes, for optimal results, we recommend using the matching conditioner alongside your oily hair shampoo. This ensures a harmonious and balanced hair care routine, addressing both cleansing and nourishing aspects.

Can these shampoos treat both oily hair and scalp concerns?
Absolutely! Our oily hair shampoos are designed not only to tackle excess oil on the hair strands but also to address scalp concerns. Explore our range for solutions that provide comprehensive care for both.

Can I use oily hair shampoo if I have an oily scalp but dry ends?
Absolutely. Oily hair shampoos are formulated to address excess oil on the scalp without overly drying the hair. Focus the shampoo application on the scalp, and use a suitable conditioner on the ends for balanced care.

Do these shampoos work on colour-treated hair?
Many of our oily hair shampoos are suitable for colour-treated hair, providing effective cleansing without compromising your hair colour. Check individual product descriptions for specific details.

Are there specific oily hair treatments I should consider?
Yes, complementary treatments such as deep cleansers, scalp treatments, and volumising options can enhance the effectiveness of your oily hair shampoo. Consider adding these treatments to your routine for optimal results.


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