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HGH Referral Programme

Get discounts for referring your friends!

We have become a go-to online store for salon-quality hair products and we have to thank you for that!

For trusting us with your haircare needs, and for having spoken fondly of us with friends and family, we gladly introduce our HGH Referral Programme!

Simply shop with us to receive your unique code, then give that referral code to your friends and family. Each new person who uses it will get $5 off their order when they spend $50 or more on products. As a bonus, you'll receive a $5 voucher for your next purchase!


Shop on our site and become a part of our Referral Programme!

Step 1


We will send you your unique code via e-mail, on your purchase receipt.

Step 2


You are now officially a referrer, and can start giving your code to as many people as you like. They will become your referees!
(Remember, the code is only valid for new customers who have yet to make a purchase with us.)




To use the code, your friend simply needs to spend a minimum of $50 on products and enter your unique code at checkout, under "VOUCHER CODE". After applying the voucher code, your friend should see the $5 discount immediately!

Step 4


When your friend completes their purchase using your referral code,
you will then receive an email from us with your $5 voucher code to use on your next order.



If you've made a purchase previously we haven't forgotten about you; We actually created this programme with you in mind! You'll soon receive an email with your unique referral code which you can start giving out right away.

Thank you again for supporting us since our journey began! We appreciate you!

Terms & Conditions

  • This referral programme is created by Holy Grail Haircare (HGH), and will take effect from November 2020.
  • A referrer is defined as an existing HGH customer who gives out their referral code to potential, future HGH customers.
  • A referee is defined as a person who uses a referrer's referral code, and is someone who has not used their email address previously to place an order on the HGH site.
  • Referral codes are 6 Alpha-Numeric characters.
  • A successful referral requires for these three conditions to be met: i) you have a referral code, ii) your email address has not been used on the site previously to place an order, iii) you spend $50 or more on products on the HGH site (excludes shipping).
  • The minimum spend of $50 does not include delivery charges.
  • Vouchers issued are not exchangeable for cash, and every voucher can only be redeemed once.
  • The value of vouchers cannot be combined.
  • All vouchers are valid for use until this referral programme officially ceases, or otherwise stated.
  • For any purchase made with vouchers that need to be refunded — only the actual paid amount will be eligible for a refund.
  • Vouchers earned by referrers will only be granted after the referees' successful checkout.
  • All personal information given to HGH will only be used for purposes of carrying out the referral programme and keeping track of rewards earned.
  • Any fraudulent/suspicious activity (e.g. multiple email accounts linked to the same person) will result in the vouchers and benefits being forfeited.
  • HGH reserves all rights to suspend, cancel, or make amendments to HGH Referral Programme without notice. However, any changes made will only be done out of absolute necessity.
  • By participating in the programme, you understand and agree to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not wish to abide by the Terms and Conditions, you will not be eligible for the benefits of the HGH Referral Programme.



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